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Color reference management
Color reference management
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Workflow with color reference can be both flexible and structured giving you the best of both worlds! A flexible workflow provides you the option to untie any possible bottlenecks. While a structured workflow provides you a clear path of what to expect.

Workflow settings

  • If the setting is “Pause” the work units will stop with a status of “Awaiting Color Reference” before going to post-production. You can read more about this here.

  • If the setting is “Continue Without Color Reference” the work units will be sent to post-production even if there is no color reference.

    • If the step is external post, Creative Force will send the “Color Reference Not Available” image along with the asset files. However, we do not save this file to the product as the color reference.

    • If the step is internal post, Creative Force will not send any files as a color reference.

Beside changing the workflow to apply on all products, we also offer you a way to continue the production process on specific cases.


When you select 'Pause and wait for color reference', and the production type used for color reference is disabled, other production types will still be pushed forward automatically.

Action on multiple products

To bulk push the products forward to a post-production step, you can use the production view and filter out the products with ‘Step status’ - ‘the post-production step’ - ‘Awaiting color ref’.

From there, select all the needed products, go to ‘Actions’ - ‘Process without Color Reference’.

Action on single product

On the Production page, you can highlight the product then go to the three-dot menu in the product slide-in or click the Actions button.

On the Products page, you can highlight the product and go to the three-dot menu on top of each work unit.

Action on color reference file

As mentioned from the beginning, this newly updated feature is flexible. Color reference files can now be created, updated and even deleted at any steps in the production process.

In the Overview tab of a product slide-in, you will see a button to ‘Add’ color reference if the file is not yet available.

If the color reference is already available, you can hover over the image and click the pencil icon. You can view the color ref in full screen or delete it. Or select a different asset at previous steps or upload a file from your local drive to be the color ref.

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