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Delivery options - WebDav
Delivery options - WebDav
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We are expanding our delivery options, the more the merrier! Our latest newcomer is WebDav connector!

To add a WebDav delivery option, go to Studio Settings, under Account Settings and select Clients. Edit the Clients you want to have WebDav delivery destination.

In the Edit client box, select Delivery Options. Click ‘Add’.

You will then see a slide-in where you can input the information to connect to your WebDav server.

  • Name: A name for you to recognize that it is a WebDav port

  • Content creation type: Ecom or Editorial

  • Method: WebDAV

  • Encryption: TLS/SSL

  • Hostname: Host name of the WebDAV server

  • Port: A port number

  • Username: For login

  • Password: For login

  • Remote directory: An absolute path to a directory in the WebDAV server

  • Folder pattern: Link the folder path you want to receive the assets

  • Variant Folder: Select between Same folder as the main output/ In a sub-folder/ In a folder as the preset variant code

  • Non-select folder pattern: Link the folder path you want to receive the non-selects

  • Letter case: Select between No change/ lowercase/ UPPERCASE to change the folder and filename.

  • When file exists: Select between Keep both or Replace existing files.

Once you input all the needed information, the connection will be created. Creative Force will show a green dot that it is working.

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