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Creative Force allows you to connect your account to a range of different Data Sources, Post Production Vendors, Asset Delivery Options and more! This article goes over how to take advantage of our various connectors.

Getting Started

The Connectors Page is found in your Studio Settings, under Account Settings.

From there you will see an overview of all of your connectors. As a default, all connectors will be enabled.

Hovering over one of the connectors will show you the Edit button which allows you to enable or disable a connector.

From within the edit panel, you can see how to link a connector to its appropriate function.

We have four main types of Connectors: Data Source, Post Production, Asset Delivery, and Other, which includes our Workfront Connector.

To learn more about our Workfront Connector, please go to the below help desk article.

Workfront Connector

Depending on the type of connector, they can have multiple different functions. For instance, Amazon S3 is both a data source and an asset delivery location. You may be sourcing your Job data from an S3 location while also delivering images there once they have been completed.

Types of Connectors

Data Source

A data source allows you to ingest job data directly from a digital location. This allows you to automate your job data imports by having another system deposit data regarding your jobs.

We have the following Data Source Methods:

- AmazonS3
- CSV Feed

- JSON Feed

- XML Feed

- FTP Folder

- SFTP Folder

- Google Cloud Storage

- Brandquad

You can learn more about creating a Data Source by using an FTP method from the below article.

How to set up a Data Source

Post Production

You are able to sync Creative Force directly to your post-production provider, by our Pixelz Connector, via FTP/SFTP, via Box or Bright River.

You can learn more about Post Production from the below article.


Asset Delivery

Once the magic of Creative Force is over, you can deliver your finalized assets to a number of different sources.

You can learn more about Asset Delivery from the below article.

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