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Assigning Samples and Products to a Deliverable
Assigning Samples and Products to a Deliverable
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Assigning Samples and Products to a Deliverable

Once your products and samples have been imported into your project they are ready to be assigned to deliverables. First, navigate to the deliverables window from the main project screen, then select the Assign button.

From the Assign slide-out, select the Samples or Products tab. You have the option of sorting products and samples by: All to view all products and samples associated with a project, Unassigned, to view all products and samples that have not been assigned to a deliverable and Assigned, to view all products and samples that have already been assigned to a deliverable. From here, it’s simply a matter of finding the samples and products that are needed for each deliverable and dropping them in.

You’ll notice when dropping a sample or product onto a deliverable that you have the option of making the item Primary or Secondary. Primary items are the main focus of the deliverable, while secondary items are supporting products or samples that are needed to build out an outfit or complete a styled scene. For example, let’s say your studio is doing a back-to-school campaign for a clothing brand. You have one deliverable that is the main hero image for the campaign. In this shot your Primary product is a denim jacket, however, the model is also wearing shoes and jeans from the same brand, these would be your secondary products. You are able to add as many primary and secondary products as you need. You also have the option of making a product Primary, by clicking the star icon next to the sample on the deliverable slide-out.

Additionally, from the three-dot menu within the deliverable overview, you have the following options that can be applied individually or in bulk to all selected products and/or samples.

  • Make Secondary Product

  • Make Secondary Sample

  • Mark as Canceled: will not be available to be used in deliverable imagery but will remain associated with the deliverable

  • Uncancel Product: Will undo the above action and the product will be active again

  • Unassign Product: Removes a product from a deliverable

  • Unassign Sample: Removes a sample from a deliverable

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