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Bulk action with samples

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In Creative Force, you are likely familiar with the concept of a Job that consists of many different products. Containers consist of many different samples that have been grouped together. With containers, you are now able to apply actions in bulk and they make the process of managing large groups of products much easier.

To see the Containers, navigate to the top right corner of the screen, choose ‘Studio Settings’, under 'Production Setup', and select ‘Containers’.

Container types

Currently, there are two types of containers: Rails and Boxes. This is to differentiate between the clothing rails and clothing boxes your studio may be used to store or transport your samples.

Create new containers

To create new containers, click ‘Add containers’. You will see two options as shown below.

1. Generate new

Here, you can choose the type of container and how many new containers you want to add.

2. From List

Here, you can choose the container type and add your own container IDs. Each container ID must be on a separate line.

Edit Container

You can edit the container by hovering next to a container and clicking ‘Edit’. This is where you can change the container code, and container type, and enable or disable the container. You can also edit the container properties as well.


1. Print labels

You can print the container labels or the container overview via the actions menu or the 3-dot menu.

2. Change location

When you change the location of a container all of the samples within the container will be moved to the container’s new location as well. Check out our article on scanning samples here.

3. Disable or delete container

When you disable/ delete a container, all of the associated samples will be released from the container but still stay in the same location as previously designated.

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