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The Chroma app can fulfill many of the same functions of a barcode scanner while providing additional data directly from Creative Force.

Chroma has 2 options for scanning. You can choose either to auto scan or manual scan. The scanning screen can be switched to look for a QR code or a 2D barcode.

With a manual scan, there will be a scan button for you to use.

With automatic scan, the scanning screen is constantly running to search for a barcode.

Scanning an item will give you the following options

  • check-in if the sample is not checked in

  • check out if the sample is already checked in

  • Add sample to a container. You can also choose from the quick actions to either change the location or edit sample properties.

Scanning a location barcode will give you the option to add samples, change the location of and/or check in the container and its samples.

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