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This is the 3rd part of Chroma articles. You can read about:

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Here you can search anything from product code, sample code, job code…etc

If you search for a product code, Chroma will show you if this product has been checked in by showing a green checkmark. With a product code, the quick actions are Edit product and Create outfits.

You can scroll up to see more details about this product. The first tab will show the ‘Actions’ you can do with a product here in Chroma: edit product, create an outfit, and debug info. The remaining tabs are the exact info in the slide-in you can see when clicking a product in Gamma.

If you search for a sample code, Chroma will also show a green checkmark if this sample is checked in. With a sample, the default quick actions are check out, change location, and edit sample properties.

Continue to scroll up, you will see more details regarding the sample. The first tab is ‘Actions’ which includes all the actions you can do relating to this sample. The ‘Overview’ tab will show all sample properties. The ‘Products’ tab is about the product that associates with this sample.

If you search for a job code, Chroma will show multiple results which are all the products in that job. Click ‘View’ to see more details about the product. Again, you will have the same view as when seeing a product.

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