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June 29th – Sprint 79 Release Notes
June 29th – Sprint 79 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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Photography Workload Report

Today, we are releasing a new dashboard called "Photography Workload", which will help you manage your workload for the Photography Step.

At the top of the dashboard, you will find Statistics of how many Production Types are currently in "To-Do" and have checked in Samples available, as well as how long production types have to wait on average to be shot from the moment Samples have been checked-in.

Below that, you will find an overview of your In- and Out-Flow of Photography. It shows the daily number of Items that become "To-Do" in Photography every day (In-Flow) and the daily number of Items that are shot (Out-Flow), as well as the total number of "To-Do" on any given day. There are three KPIs to the right of the graph: Average total To-Do, Average Product In-Flow, and Average Product Out-Flow. If there is a higher In-Flow than Out-Flow, the total number of "To-Do" will increase.

Further down, we have a column chart that shows the number of Products by Created Date grouped by their Status. This graph allows you to monitor the Status of Products that were created in the past and that might not have been produced yet.

Lastly, there is an overview of the Output by photographer to visualize the workload across all of your photographers. Beside the graph, we highlight the number of missing Photographers. These are shots that cannot be attributed to a Photographer because no Photographer was selected in the Team-On Set.

The "Photography Workload" report is found under Insights and then navigate in the left menu to Studio Reports / Flow Reports / Photography Workload

Bulk editing of Production

When editing production for product, you can switch on and off production types or positions. This was, however, not possible when editing products across multiple style guides.

In this sprint, we have made it a lot easier to do this by enabling a segmented editing approach, as we have on "Reset Production". It eliminates the hard task of only selection products on the same style guide version, while allowing for 100% control of the changes you are making.


  • Increase limit number of delta file to scan on S3.

  • Optimize refresh cache time when add new vendor user to a team.

  • Optimize API POST productions/getassetsummary 10s+ on Production view.

  • Hide bypassed output asset of External Post.

  • Sometime, ES index schema is not synchronized.

  • Continue fixing ES mismatch.

  • Asset hub have some null created date time in External Post step

  • Prevent EF core warning related save points.

  • Improved event logging in Kelvin.

  • Re-shoot view update: When there are no markings, we will display the asset thumbnail without markings.

Kelvin shortcut improvements & bug-fixes

  1. Dragging while keyboard hovering fails.

  2. When using CMD + Tab to shift away from Kelvin, the shortcut indicators stick and after that, the shortcut doesn’t work anymore with the current selection.

  3. CMD + → does not work. Only when the images are already hovering, the arrow keys work. CMD + → should initially work the same way as CMD + T.

  4. Move the Cancel indicator to the grid on the left side.

  5. When dropping too many images into a position, I think we should allow as many as possible to be added and cancel the rest. Today, we just canceled all. They should be allowed in the order of the selection

  6. Position error messages displayed next to the positions.

  7. CMD + T can fail if operated too fast.

Other bug-fixes

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Tone down of images after selection does not stay applied.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Thumbnail Generation Issue in Kelvin.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Cannot add disabled product to outfit.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Style Guide does not update in Kelvin, after being changed.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Color picker does not select a new value after selecting one.

  • Fixed: Gamma: 'Display image' is inactive in some screens.

  • Fixed: Hue: Multiple products stuck at download pending in Hue.

  • Fixed: API: Style Guide positions was not display in Kelvin.

  • Fixed: API: Data source synced duplicate sample code when no sample code.

  • Fixed: API: Conditional metadata incorrect in case of multiple models.

  • Fixed: API: Bug in GetPixelzImageDeadline service.

  • Fixed: API: Wrong task status when reset product at asset delivery step.

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