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HUE filters, display settings and backup folder
HUE filters, display settings and backup folder
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All the filters you have in your Internal Post Kanban in Gamma are available in HUE and you can save them to customize your own view. Keeping things aligned will save you time from finding tasks and streamlining your work.

When filters are applied, they will be active on all three tabs Available - Assigned - Completed. And did you know that you can switch between the tabs by hitting 1, 2, and 3 on your keyboards?

  1. Display settings

You will have the ability to arrange the tasks as you can in Kanban. These then can be saved as part of the view.

2. Filters

Filter your tasks with 15 different filters.

3. Save views

Similar to what you have in Gamma, you can customize your filters, then save the view for easier access to your tasks.

4. Back-up folder

You will have the same option to use data merge fields in the backup locations.

5. Short cuts

As mentioned above, you can simply switch between tabs with 1, 2, and 3. Refreshing new tasks can be done with Ctrl/ Cmd + R. Finally, by using Ctrl/Cmd+ R you can find any tasks easily.

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