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Variant specific metaproperties
Variant specific metaproperties

Variant specific metaproperties for Bynder, Amplience and Akeneo delivery locations

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Transferring images and their data from system to system is very important. This process can be done automatically at the product level to preset-specific and to variant-specific level. If you are using Bynder, Amplience or Akeneo as your Asset delivery location, you will be able to define the mapping rules between metaproperties and Creative Force merge field values.

This article will show you how this works within Gamma.

Preset setup

You will see the Asset delivery data button if you have set up Bynder, Amplience or Akeneo as a delivery option under your client. When clicking the Asset delivery data button, you will see a list of your delivery option names.

The star indicator next to the delivery name is to alert you that an inherited property has been overwritten by the user’s choice. We will go through this down below.

Learn more about presets here.

Metaproperties setup

Selecting a delivery option within the drop-down list will bring you to the metaproperties setup.

Here, you will see two different parts:

  • Inherited: these are the properties that CF inherited from the delivery option. These properties cannot be edited unless you choose to override them by using preset specific. Here, you can switch the toggle to enable the properties.

  • Preset specific: Click ‘Add property’ to add a new mapping rule for this specific preset. You can select the property available from the drop down list. If you select the same property in the Inherited part, the value you selected here will override the one in the Inherited section.

The same logic applies when you select ‘variant specific’. In this example preset I have three variants, so you can select each rule for each variant.

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