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July 18th – Sprint 131 Release Notes
July 18th – Sprint 131 Release Notes

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Happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

Simplify Label Printing with New Sorting Options


Empower users to arrange labels according to their preferences by leveraging product or sample properties. With the added flexibility of sorting in ascending or descending order, users can easily establish a customized printing sequence.


Users can now achieve their desired label printing order, reducing the need for manual rearrangement after printing. Customizing the order in which labels print streamlines the labeling process, saving time and effort while providing added convenience for users.

Streamline External Post Production with new API-Enabled Options


We have introduced API as a new connection type for External Post, allowing you to automate your Post Production process. When creating a new External Post Vendor, you’ll find this new option under the list of connection types.

Additionally, this new Post Production method opens up the option to set up webhooks for advanced functionality. Utilize these vendors seamlessly within your workflows, style guides, and editorials. For more information on how to set up an API-enabled External Post Vendor, see our help article linked here.

To learn more about our available External Post API endpoints, please reference our API Documentation.


API integration provides opportunities for enhanced automation and dynamic webhook setups. Leverage real-time data exchange and synchronization for improved Post Production processes.

Other Improvements

  • Editorial: Updated the logic to enhance the association between products and samples

  • Editorial: When sharing for external review, markings preview will display on the image grid for external reviewers

  • Kelvin Performance: Improved the cleanup data issues related to the metadata folder

  • Production Table Grid: View task (work unit) properties as columns (can only be updated via API at this time)

  • Studio Settings: Brandquad option added into Connectors

  • Studio Settings: New work unit property type available in settings (can only be updated via API at this time)

  • Style Guides: Style Guide information is cached and can now be retrieved faster

Bugs Fixed

  • API: Asset Delivery Transfer Error email doesn’t contain data table

  • API: Assets not transferring from External Post FTP

  • EDITORIAL: Issues with adding Samples and Products by pasting a list in some cases

  • EDITORIAL: Missing "Select All" on a Project’s Product and Sample lists

  • GAMMA: Assets tab shows ‘Loading…’ in the Product Code filter, despite available data

  • GAMMA: Message Center displays the wrong text when editing or deleting Styling Items

  • GAMMA: Searching in Studio Settings returns no results if keyword contains spaces

  • HUE: Fixed logout error when browser process is interrupted

  • KELVIN: Fixed logout error when browser process is interrupted

  • KELVIN: Missing editorial annotations in some cases

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