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Every now and then, users may run into issues with their Pixelz integration. For example, if images are not arriving in Pixelz, templates aren’t updated, or images aren’t being returned as expected or at all. This article is a helpful checklist for troubleshooting these issues and to help both our team and yours to resolve an issue as quickly as possible.

Troubleshooting Images Not Being Sent to Pixelz Dashboard

If you are experiencing an issue with images not being sent or returned to Pixelz as expected, there may be an issue with the mapping set up.

You’ll want to check the Base Settings for the Specifications you have available in Pixelz and confirm that this matches what is on Spec Settings for preset in Creative Force:

Please note, changing a preset in Creative Force won’t automatically change the image requirements, so any changes to presets must be communicated directly to Pixelz. They will then be able to assist you in adjusting the Pixelz templates accordingly.

If the templates are set up correctly and you are still experiencing issues with images arriving to and getting worked on in Pixelz, please log into your Pixelz account and confirm which payment method you have set up. The payment method must be on auto invoice + credit terms in order for the images to go straight into Pixelz production without the need for any manual actions from your end.

If you need a quick refresher on setting up Pixelz templates, you can find additional information on that here.

Troubleshooting Images Not Returning from Pixelz

If Pixelz has completed images but they have not returned to Creative Force, you’ll first want to confirm this by checking the Pixelz Orders Feed and ensuring all expected images are there.

As this may suggest a more complex issue, feel free to reach out to the Creative Force support team for more assistance.

When doing so, they’ll need a list of any affected product codes, a fullscreen screenshot showing all completed images on the Pixelz dashboard, and debug info from Gamma.

Resource Files and Color Reference with Pixelz Integration

Generally speaking, there are two types of files that will be sent to Post Production: the main image that is needing editing and a type of resource file that is used to help support the editing of the main image. These could be sent for stacking, ghost mannequin effects, or just additional files to help an editor in their retouching process.

Typically as a studio, you will not need these files returned back to Creative Force, but you do need to have them sent to the vendor to ensure the images are edited as expected. The logic behind how resource files are handled within the Pixelz integration is as follows:

  • Standard resource files will be named OriginalImageName_resource. If there are multiple resource files, each one will receive a number. For example, 3 resource images would be named:

    • OriginalImageName_resource1

    • OriginalImageName_resource2

    • OriginalImageName_resource3 and so on.

  • Ghost mannequin resource files will be named as OriginalImageName_inclip and Pixelz will read this type of file as such. If there are multiple inclips, the naming will receive a number. For example, 3 ghost mannequin inclip files would be named:

    • OriginalImageName_inclip1

    • OriginalImageName_inclip2

    • OriginalImageName_inclip3

Creative Force will send the color reference to Pixelz through the API, and it will go automatically into Pixelz production system and be treated as such.

Should you run into any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team via chat or!

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