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Data source - Amazon S3
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Within Creative Force, there are multiple ways for you to connect with a Data source and Amazon S3 is one of the methods.

To create a Data source, go to your Studio settings -> Data sources then click ‘Add’.

After clicking ‘Add’, the setup dialog will appear and you will need to fill in the needed information. Depending on the authentication type either Access Key or IAM Role, the information will be different.

Please contact your IT team for the information to fill in here.

  • File type: We supported 3 file types CSV - JSON - XML

  • CSV delimiter: You can choose either Comma - Semicolon - TAB character - Other to separate the data.


If you are using a JSON file to be your data source, please make sure that the first item and its attributes have a value, it cannot be 'NULL'.

  • Frequency: You can decide how often the data source gets updated automatically. It can be either Hourly - Daily - Weekly - Monthly. If you choose ‘monthly’ you will have to decide which day of the month. If you choose ‘weekly’ you will have to decide which day of the week.

  • Hour in day: The hour in the day that the data get updated.

  • Minute in hour: The minute in the day that the data get updated.

There is also a tick box to allow delta update from the data source. Delta files are files that contain only the changes since the last file upload. The delta files can be used to Add products - Update existing products - Delete products - Deactivate/ Activate products…


  • The delta file should not be bigger than 50 MB.

  • The delta file must have the same file name as the original file in this format: "original filename" + "_" + a number that keeps growing.

  • The delta file must have the same columns as the original file.

  • To delete or deactivate products via delta files, the original file must have correspondent columns 'isDeleted' and 'isDeactivated'. The value of the column must be '1' for the system to understand which products must be deleted or deactivated.

After finishing setting up the data source, you can assign the data source to a client here.

In the ‘Last check’ column, you will find the following statuses:

  • Data ready: After successfully syncing for the first time, the status will show Data ready

  • Wait for first sync: No sync has been succeeded previously

  • Cannot connect: Creative Force cannot connect to the Data source. Please contact our support team for further details.

  • Syncing: Creative Force is in the process of syncing the data

  • Wait to map: The columns have not been mapped, after these have been mapped, the sync can start

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