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Set up Group Provisioning within Creative Force
Set up Group Provisioning within Creative Force
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This article will show you the steps to set up Group Provisioning in Creative Force. Please note that this only works with Okta and Azure AD.

Step 1: Preparation

Make sure SSO running with SCIM Provisioning

For Okta, read here

For Microsoft Azure, read here

Step 2: Set up Group Provisioning


  1. Assign a group to the Application

    1. In the Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications.

    2. Enter Box in the search field.

    3. Click the application name link for the Box app you want to modify.

    4. Click the Provisioning tab and select Integration in the SETTINGS list > Click Edit > Select “Push Groups” and Save.

    5. Click the Assignments tab and click Assign > Assign to Groups.

    6. Click Assign to assign the group to Box.

    7. Optional. Repeat step f to assign additional groups to Box.

    8. Click Done.

    9. Click the Push Groups tab and select By name or By rule in the PUSHED GROUPS list.

    10. Enter the group name in the Enter a group to push the field and click Save

Azure AD

  1. Login to Azure Portal

    1. Navigate to “Azure Active Directory” in Azure Services.
      Or create a resource “Azure Active Directory” if you don’t have it.

  2. Set up Group Provisioning

    1. Navigate to “Enterprise applications”.

    2. Click the application name link for the app you want to modify.

    3. In the application screen, navigate to “Users and groups” and click “Add user/group”.

    4. Click “Users and groups” and select the groups that you want to assign to the app and click “Select”.

    5. After selecting groups, click “Assign”.

Step 3: Show group IDP in Creative Force

  1. View list of users in a group

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