Single Sign-On with Creative Force

Creative Force is able to integrate with any SSO so long as it is SAML 2.0 compatible.

At present we have documentation on the following IdP's:

Microsoft Azure
Google Workspace

If you use a different IdP, please reach out to for assistance.

For security reasons, the SSO settings are only available to users with the "Account Owner" role or Admin users if granted access via the Account Owner.

Below are the steps to set up your SSO configuration. You will need to have two-factor authentication enabled to proceed with the below.

Configure your identity provider (IdP)

Step 1. Preparation

You will need the below information Creative Force in order to complete the set-up on your IdP. All of this will be found. within your Creative Force instance. Please contact our Customer Support team incase you do not have access, via in-app chat or

  • SP Entity ID

  • SP Assertion Consumer Service Url


Step 2. Setup an IdP integration app

Once step one is done you’ll need to set up an IdP integration app for Creative Force with your IDP. Here are some examples:

For all other IdP you may need to note some main points:

  • Declare and input two Creative Force fields: SP Entity ID & SP Assertion Consumer Service Url

  • Mapping metadatabase on SAML

Set up SAML SSO for Creative Force

Step 3. Preparation

Copy either (See Step 2. Setup an IdP integration app):

  • Identity Provider metadata URL

  • OR whole content of Identity Provider metadata

Step 4: Setup SSO on Gamma

  • To do this step you must be the Studio’s owner and have 2FA enabled


  • Input either (From IdP at step 3)

    • Identity Provider metadata URL

    • OR all of the content from the Identity Provider metadata

  • Configure your "New User Default Configuration" (Role, Skills and Type). These settings will be applied to all new SSO users.

  • Input 2FA code and click Save.

Note: The "Domain" field will auto-populate with the domain of the user who is configuring SSO. If this domain needs to be changed, reach out to customer support for assistance.

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