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How to create OAuth2 client and workspace in Nuxeo
How to create OAuth2 client and workspace in Nuxeo
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This article will show you how to create OAuth2 client in Nuxeo and create a workspace under Domain.

Create OAuth2 Client

  1. Go to Nuxeo admin UI. The Nuxeo admin URL will be {your-nuxeo-https-url}/nuxeo/nxadmin/default/default-domain@view_admin

  2. Select the tab “Admin”.

  3. Select “Cloud Services” from the left sidebar then select the tab “Consumers”.

  4. Click the “Add” button under the OAuth2 Clients label then fill in the client information. After filling in all the fields in the form then click the “Create button.

Note: All fields are required:

  • Name: input your Client Name

  • Client ID: input your Client ID

  • Client Secret: input your Client Secret

  • Redirect URIs: any link that is not blocked by Creative Force. Example:

  • Checked: Auto-grant

  • Checked: Activated

Create your Workspace under Domain

  1. Go to the Nuxeo web UI.
    The link Nuxeo web UI will be: {your-nuxeo-https-url}/nuxeo/ui/#!/home

  2. Click “Browse” in the left sidebar, and select “Domain”.

  3. Click on (+) at the right bottom. In the popup, select “WORKSPACE”.

  4. Fill in the information in the form then click to “Create”.

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