We are expanding our delivery options, the more the merrier! Our latest newcomer is WebDav connector!

To add a WebDav delivery option, go to Studio Settings -> Clients. Select the Clients you want to have the integration with and click Edit.

In the Edit client box, select Delivery Options. Click ‘Add’.

You will then see a slide-in where you can input the information to connect to your WebDav server.

  • Name: A name for you to recognize that it is a WebDav port

  • Content creation type: Ecom or Editorial

  • Method: WebDAV

  • Encryption: TLS/SSL

  • Hostname: Host name of the WebDAV server

  • Port: A port number

  • Username: For login

  • Password: For login

  • Remote directory: An absolute path to a directory in the WebDAV server

  • Folder pattern: Link the folder path you want to receive the assets

  • Variant Folder: Select between Same folder as the main output/ In a sub-folder/ In a folder as the preset variant code

  • Non-select folder pattern: Link the folder path you want to receive the non-selects

  • Letter case: Select between No change/ lowercase/ UPPERCASE to change the folder and filename.

  • When file exists: Select between Keep both or Replace existing files.

Once you input all the needed information, the connection will be created. Creative Force will show a green dot that it is working.

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