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How to Switch Images between Positions at Internal Post
How to Switch Images between Positions at Internal Post
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Occasionally you may notice that a mistake was made when making Final Selections and images are assigned to the incorrect Style Guide position. Luckily, there is a way to correct this at the Internal Post step without having to reset the product back to photography to reassign the images.

First, you’ll need to open the task in Hue and ensure files for all positions are present and open.

Next, click on the position you want to reassign in the Hue Panel and select all layers in the layers panel. Finally copy the layers by clicking cmd+c on your keyboard.

From here, you can paste the layers onto the canvas for the correct position. In the example below, you can see the Main image was incorrectly assigned to the Back position. To correct this, the layers from the Main file are copied and pasted onto the canvas for the Back position.

You can repeat the process to reorder other positions as needed. In our example, to complete the correction we have copied and pasted the original layers from the Back position and pasted them onto the canvas for the Main position.

Lastly, you can clear out any unnecessary layers and proceed with your export and upload process as usual.

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