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Creative Force Mobile
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We are extremely excited to introduce the
Creative Force Mobile Application.

With the launch of the newest member of our application family, we are untethering your team with on the go access to a lot of core components of the platform.

The Creative Force application is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Feature Highlights


One of the key components in the app is of course barcode scanning. This is the easiest way to get product and sample information in seconds when you have a physical sample in your hands you need to know more about.

We’ve tried to make it really fast to use and we’ve even made it possible for you to build up selections of multiple samples to perform bulk actions.

In the scanning interface, you can either do auto-detection or manual by clicking a button. Depending on your label and the situation you are in, you can remain in control of what you want to scan.


If you find yourself in a situation where there is no barcode to scan, but you know which product you are looking for you can use the Search view. Just type in the Product Code and you can work your way from there.


The activity view is a helping hand for you to get back to something you recently touched. Every opened card or built sample selection will be listed here for easy re-access.


One of my favorite elements is the Production tab on the product card. It displays the real-time production progress for the product which instills a satisfying feeling of “I’ve got this under control..” 😎

☝️ One more thing... Try double-tapping the product code or any other property value on the product, sample, or outfit card. You will love it…

Other Product stuff

  • Switching on/off production for the product

  • Deactivate/Activate Product.

  • Edit Product Properties.


Building outfits has never been easier in Creative Force! Using the barcode scanner in the app you can combine outfits in seconds and attach pictures as style-out images for reference using the normal camera in your phone. All data is real-time updated and available for production in Kelvin and Gamma.

Additionally, you can edit existing outfits if you change your mind and want to remove or add something more.


We’ve included some sample management classics for the app. You can Change location, Check-in, Check-out. This will update the location of a sample throughout the platform.


Immediately after the first images are uploaded for a product in Kelvin you will be able to see these in the mobile app. Just navigate to the product and you have access to all assets from any step in the production process.

Adaptable UI

We understand that everyone has a different role in the studio and the primary actions for one person might not be that important for others. We’ve created the app in a way where you can adapt the user interface to prioritize the actions you use the most.

You should try going to settings to play around with the order of things – don’t worry, you won’t break it.

Security Settings & Permissions

We’ve implemented the same security approach in the mobile application as with the rest of the Creative Force platform. Specifically, this is expressed by secure default settings and the ability to unlock the app using facial identification or fingerprint.

On the permission side, we follow the strict user group and role setup you are used to from the other applications.

Intercom Support

We’ve added Intercom as an integrated part of the application, enabling you to always reach out to your favorite support team 😇 .

A cool functionality is that you can actually continue your conversations seamlessly on the mobile if you have to move away from your work station.


As always, we'd love to get your feedback if things are not working as you expect or you just have some ideas for what we should implement next.

Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via

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