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December 17th - Sprint 39 Release Notes 🚀
December 17th - Sprint 39 Release Notes 🚀

Bi-weekly software updates

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Hi there 👋

We have launched some great updates to Creative Force and are happy to share the release notes with you! 

Happy reading!

Cheers Matthias and the product team


Updated main menu 

The main menu got a minor overhaul. Insights and Assets are out of beta and now main menu items. We also added a new item called 'Labs'. Labs is the area where we release and introduce new functionality in 'beta' mode. The idea with Labs is to make new functionality available faster and still maintain the already used existing functionality. An example from this sprint is the new 'search and filter' functionality for internal post (read more about it below). 

Labs: Internal post (Beta)

We have released the first 'search and filter' update to the task kanbans in 'beta'. The Internal post kanban in Labs is now equipped with the from assets known 'search and filter' functionality such as:

  • Powerful and fast free-text search 

  • Predefined production and product filters 

  • Customisable private views 

Create a new job utilising a data source

We have released an additional option to create a job in Creative Force. The new option requires a data source to be set up on client level. The data source enables the user to start the new job creation flow 'from scan'.
To creating a job 'from scan' will give the user the option to scan one or more samples barcodes into a new 'product list', which then can be reviewed, adjusted and finally imported as a new job.

Read more about how to create a job via scan and how to set up a data source in the following articles: 

Sample availability on jobs

For a better overview and faster access to the information, the sample availability of a job is now indicated in the Job list as well as the job details. 

New data-reports for Insights

Check-in Status Report - The 'check-in status report' gives the user insights on the availability of the samples per client. It also reflects the production state of the related product.

Product Lead Time Report - The 'product lead time report' gives the user insights on the total production time (from check-in to asset delivery) in days per product. 

Product timeline Report - The 'product timeline report' gives the user insights on the different production steps a product has or will run through as well as each timestamp (date/time) of the finished production step.

Additional  features and improvements

New 'fast check-in' flow
We added a third check-in flow option to the sample management. The 'fast check-in' flow enables the user to check-in samples via scan without having to hit the return key to confirm the product. Scan, scan, scan... 🚀!

Updated search
The search in jobs, products and job details is updated. The users can now also search for samples codes.

Dedicated sample layout for secondary products
We now also support a dedicated print layout for secondary products. To get a new sample print layout created for your studio, please feel free to contact us via the intercom chat.

Questions, ideas or feedback?

We're striving to create the best product for you and your team! Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via

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