Clients allows you to manage your respective brands or customers in their own space where you can tailor a range of settings to manage their needs.

By dividing your customers/brands into different clients, you can give users access to only the appropriate areas that is relevant for them.

Add new Client

To set up a client you need to browse to the main menu in the top right corner and click on "Studio Settings" and click on the sub-menu "Clients" you now see a list of already created clients and have the option to add another one.
Click "Add".

In the popup, you can add a name for the new client and choose what user group(s) it should belong to. Read more about user groups here.
Then hit "Next" and make sure the new client is enabled and save. 

You now see the new client on the list and can click "Edit" to finish the setup.

Add Delivery Option

The first step is to set up a delivery option - this is where your final assets will be delivered for this client. You do that by clicking on "Add" and fill in the information about the delivery option(s) you want to use. You can choose between FTP, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, and Cloudinary.

Once that is done, you can see in the list if the connection is working or not, allowing you to verify that Creative Force has the correct access to the method you have chosen.

The next steps are optional.


Set up the preset(s) and variants by hitting the sub-menu "Presets" and then "Add"
You will see the popup where you can add the specifications for your preset(s).

When you have set all your specifications for the variant you can add another one by hitting "Add variant" or you can save the one you already created.

Preset Metadata

Setting up metadata attributes can pretty complex and difficult for a non-expert. We have added a toolbox to the metadata feature to:

  • Download an example file to review the results of the metadata rules you have applied.

  • Upload a file with existing metadata, allowing you to import the Schema and Property configurations for the existing metadata to the preset.

Custom metadata

To create custom metadata namespace, within which the user can add their own dedicated properties.
Custom metadata schemas can then be utilized within the metadata rules in presets.

The combination of the expanded property system and custom metadata schemas significantly increases your capability to automate metadata creation.

Data Source

To set up a data source to enrich your data for the job imports, click the sub-menu "Data Source" and hit "Add". You will then have the option to add information for the method you will be using.

When the information is filled in you hit "Save" and the data source appears in the list and you can see status if the data is available or not.

Refresh data source
To manually refresh the data Creative Force pulls from a data source. At any time, the user can access the 'Edit Client'/ 'Data Source' modal and select the 'Refresh Now' option from the 'Actions' menu.

Automatic update setting

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