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Operating system printing
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Creative Force can support any printers that you can install on your computer. However, there are few ways that you can approach this.

You can either print from an operating system printer where there will be a printing dialog that you need to setup upon each print. This option can work well if you are looking to print an outfit sheet or a contact sheet.

You can also opt for a direct print which will be much quicker but will require some knowledge to set it up. Read more about it here. If you still want to print directly from Gamma but don’t have the time to set up the network printer, you can use our helper tool Triad here. Direct printing works well if you are looking to print numerous sample labels at once.

This article will show you what it looks like if you use OS printers with Creative Force. For operating system printers you can just connect the printers to your computer and then open the OS printing dialog to action your print order.

You can read more about our printer recommendations here.

Once the printer is set up, you can then head to Gamma and set up the printer configuration. From here, you will be able to print the labels using your OS printer.

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