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We have launched some great updates to Creative Force and are happy to share the release notes with you! 

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Matthias and the product team


'All clients' filter
We have added a filter for 'All Clients' to Jobs, Products as well as for Style Guides.

CSV-Export for Products
The user is now able to export a CSV-file of selected products including all product, sample and custom properties. 

Edit postproduction vendor on product level
The user is now able to overwrite the in the workflow predefined postproduction vendor on product level. To be able to perform this add-hoc change, the users needs to add secondary vendors to the workflow which he then can select from.

Additional features and improvements

Progress of each product by production type
The progress of each product can now be followed on production type level in the job details and the jobs slide-in.

Production count separated in Still life and Model Production
We have added a production count for all jobs separated in Still life and Model Production and display it in the job list, the job details and the jobs slide-in.


  • Improvement of the performance for the product barcode scan + enter functionality.

  • Fix to a bug where Kelvin would occasionally fail to display new images added to the watched folder.


Intercom for HUE
Intercom is now also available in HUE and can be used the known way as in Gamma and Kelvin.

Additional features and improvements

  • Option to check for current version and updates via 'About HUE' menu item.

  • Bugfix for HUEs Photoshop Panel was not detecting the finished outputs.

Questions, ideas or feedback?

We're striving to create the best product for you and your team! Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via product@creativeforce.io.

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