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External Post-production: Gateway API Vendor
External Post-production: Gateway API Vendor
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To configure a new External Post Production vendor via Creative Force’s Gateway API, first, head to your Studio Settings > External Post-Production and click 'Add'

Enter the name of the Vendor and Select Gateway API as the Connection Type:

Add the Webhook URL from your vendor here. When a task is ready for the External Post step, Creative Force will callback to the webhook of the vendor.

Once you added the Webhook URL, click ‘Save’. Creative Force will automatically generate a secret key. You will then need to give the secret key to your vendor for them to verify the Webhook URL.

Next, you can input your SpecificationIDs and names in the table below, these can be manually entered or pasted from a spreadsheet. They can be entered at the time of set up or added at a later date. This is an optional point that is only required if your Vendor is working with difference specifications.

Please note: Specifications will be created in collaboration with your vendor and will inform the vendor of the requirements for the images they will be working on. Please contact your vendor for the SpecificationID and Specification Name information.

Once all specification details have been entered press ‘Save’. If window is closed before pressing Save, details will be lost.

Workflow Settings

Once you have added your vendor to your External Post-production vendor options, you will have the ability to add them as the External Post Vendor on your workflow:

Style Guide Settings

Once the vendor has been added to your workflow, you will need to update your Style Guide. Head to the Style Guide > External Post tab. Here, you will have the option to select your Specification for each Position from the dropdown menu:

Additionally, if your vendor will be performing the fan-out step for variants, you can check the “Map Variants” box and the system will allow you to select Specifications for Main positions and Variants:


  • If you need to make a change to the existing Specification Name, we will automatically update the corresponding Specifications that have been added to Style Guide positions.

  • If a Specification is Deleted in Creative Force or on the Vendor’s side, we will show a warning on the Style Guide alerting you that the Specification has been deleted or altered.

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