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December 19th – Sprint 142 Release Notes
December 19th – Sprint 142 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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Happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

New And Improved Menu Layout


As a response to Creative Force’s rapid growth of features and functionality, we’re excited to release an update to our top navigation bar.

With today’s release, you’ll see a new Logistics menu tab with links to Samples and Props, previously called Wardrobe.

You’ll also find that we’ve updated the Production tab to now house all items related to E-Comm and Editorial production tasks under a single menu point, along with links to your Workflows, Style Guides, and Presets.

To learn more about the new menu layout, check out our help article here where we go through all the changes in more detail.


Our products and customer base have expanded significantly over the last few years and continue to evolve. Therefore it’s important for us to ongoingly ensure that the UI is in line with the overall structure of the solutions we provide and that we are able to deliver clear experiences for all of our users.

By changing the top navigation bar we aim to make our language in Creative Force more media- and industry-agnostic, while establishing a consistent menu structure for all accounts.

And last but not least, we wanted to improve the layout in order to leave more space for us to add new features in the future. 🚀

Other Improvements


  • We’ve added a new “Failed” step status for Asset Delivery, which can be found in the Production Tab filters and columns.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) is now supported between Gamma & Delta, meaning Creative Force users can log into our Delta (Share for Review) app with their normal account.

Bugs Fixed

Vendor Portal

  • Fixed when the page is not refreshing after images are mapped to a Request.

  • Fixed where the page returns to an already submitted request when “Doing” Requests are submitted.

  • Fixed an issue with Wardrobe Products not being able to map to Requests in Vendor Portal.

  • Fixed when resetting VPI Requests to Photography would cause the auto-mapper to no longer work.


  • Fixed where applying Style Guide and Workflow updates would not show all existing production tasks correctly in the dialogue.

  • Fixed an issue where users would get an “Access denied” error when trying to add a new user to a Saved View.

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