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November 21st – Sprint 140 Release Notes
November 21st – Sprint 140 Release Notes

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We can't wait for you to read about the new features we've been working on - enjoy! 🙌

Faster, More Reliable Team Assignments in Planning


Newly added filters for User Role, Employment Type, and Skill are available for use when resourcing your team in the Planning Calendar. These filters can be combined and make it easy to find the right person for the job.

We’ve also made some improvements to our double-booking alerts:

  • When adding team members to a session, alerts will appear next to the user's name if they’ve already been assigned to an overlapping Session

  • Within a Session, double-booking alerts will appear next to the double-booked team member’s name


Production Teams are often using information in their head to make team assignments, such as the decision to use freelance or full-time crew on a particular project. Filters in the Planning Calendar will make these types of assignments easier and faster for those who are responsible for this type of scheduling.

Our improvements around double-booking alerts will help Production Teams avoid over-scheduling team members at the moment they are making team assignments. If an overlap does occur, it’s now quicker to locate the double-booked user and correct the issue.

Other Improvements

  • In the Help menu for both Hue and Kelvin, users can now access a System Requirements Checker and a Speed Test Tool to help with troubleshooting

  • Improved performance and added helper text for Auto-Variant action “Change Background Color”

  • Improved auto-mapping within the Vendor Portal so that it can handle filenames containing separator characters other than material number or product code

  • Added the ability to map custom properties within the Looklet Connector

Bugs Fixed

  • Gamma: Corrupt thumbnails when creating mock-ups in Editorial

  • Gamma: Custom Properties not writing to filename in specific cases

  • Gamma: Display issue related to Save button when editing Video presets

  • Gamma: Error message was not displaying after choosing an invalid printer layout

  • Gamma: Issue with Bynder Metaproperty not populating

  • Gamma: Product Code missing from Internal Post kanban board

  • Gamma: Session Name filter not working in the Planning Calendar

  • Gamma: Workflow displays incorrect enabled/disabled state

  • Hue: Missing Style Guide in Hue Filters

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