Data Hosting Buckets
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As a cloud-based photo studio management software, Creative Force has multiple Amazon AWS S3 buckets all over the world.

We currently have the following buckets available for customers to use throughout the world:

  • Frankfurt

  • US West Coast (North California)

  • East Coast (North Virginia)

  • Sydney

  • Singapore

Based on your location you will have a bucket that best matches your needs.

Incase you ever need to move buckets (Eg. your Studio moved from one location to another), we can migrate all of your account instances and data to the most optimal S3 bucket. The migration will happen silently in the backend without having any impact on your daily work. The migration can take between a few days to a few weeks to be done, depending on how much data is in your instance

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) directly to inform them about the need for a potential migration, and we can start the conversation from there.

Please note that before the migration starts you will need to verify (whitelist) these IP addresses.

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