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Reset metadata if corrupted
Reset metadata if corrupted
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You might have different vendors produce the images for you. As this process happens outside of Creative Force, you cannot control if the metadata in those files is correct.

If the metadata is corrupted and can not be used, this can cause issues where Creative Force cannot write the required metadata on the files and cannot push them forward to post production.

But for this issue we have a quick fix!! Under the General Settings you will find an option to “Reset metadata before “External Post” in case of corrupted metadata”.

We are using Exiftool to check the metadata of all the files imported to our server. By selecting this option, you will allow Creative Force to:

  • Check the metadata of all the files on all clients in your account

  • Clear the corrupt metadata fields if Exiftool alerts that there is corrupted data.

  • Rewrite all of the metadata including PhysicalFileID and other metadata according to your setup.

The metadata clearance and creation will happen right before the files are sent to your External Post vendor.

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