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Set up JSON item object path
Set up JSON item object path
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Creative Force now supports a part of JSONPath syntax. Setting up a JSON item object path will let Creative Force use JSONPath in assertions to specify the JSON fields that need to be verified.

List of JSONPath syntax support

The JSONPath expression specifies a path to an element (or a set of elements) in a JSON structure. Below is the list of syntax elements that we support.




The root object or array.


Selects the specified property in a parent object


Selects the specified property in a parent object.

Tip: Use this notation if the property name contains special characters such as spaces, or begins with a character other than A..Za..z_.


Selects the n-th element from an array. Indexes are 0-based.


Wildcard selects all elements in an object or an array, regardless of their names or indexes. For example, address.* means all properties of the address object, and items[*] means all items of the items array.

Examples valid path



["base item"].options[*]

["base item"].options[*].product

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