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March 22nd – Sprint 98 Release Notes
March 22nd – Sprint 98 Release Notes

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Welcome back for another round of releases and a particularly exciting new extension! See below for details and happy reading 🚀

Cloud Video Extension

We are thrilled to announce that Cloud Video is now available as an add-on extension in the Creative Force platform! 🎉

E-Commerce video is one of the largest growing content categories. But, it’s also one of the least supported when it comes to crucial software in the production management pipeline - resulting in bottlenecks and production tracking “black holes.”

“Does this product need video?”

“Are the stills done for it?”

“Who do I ask to see if we can finally outbound these samples?”

Even within our own customer-base, we’ve found that many of you have been piecing together video tracking spreadsheets, and spending extra time cross-referencing against the stills produced so effectively in Creative Force.

Poor video productions just kept longingly peering over the fence, seeing the benefits of their studio’s Creative Force streamlined photo operations… until now!

With the Creative Force Cloud Video Extension:

  • Boost productivity in your studio with powerful eComm photo and video content tracking and insights.

  • Whether eComm videos are internally created or vendor provided, track asset needs in one integrated solution.

  • Seamlessly play and transfer your edited videos in Kelvin.

  • And finally, ensure every product video is delivered with the right file name, to the right destination, every time.

Other New Features

Photo Review: Update Selection

Changing the selection in Photo Review has been highly requested. We’re happy to say that this is now possible. With this addition, you can change which images are selected, you can change position for an image, and you can upload additional images.

VPI Due Date

When changing the source of tasks to VPI, you can now define a Due Date for the VPI request. You can also define what should happen when the due date is passed, and pull back the request as photo production.

Other Improvements

  • New Merge Fields

    • Client Name

    • Client ID

    • Source

    • Alphabetical Sequence merge Field

      • Sequence Merge field

      • Position Sequence merge field

      • Production Type merge field

    • Option for leading zeros on position sequence fields.

  • Jobs, Products, Samples, Wardrobe now running on Elastic data for better database performance.

  • Editorial: Better logic for the reference image in Post QC.

  • Update category from data source apply both on Gamma & CF Gateway

  • Add new Production type category “VPI”

  • Support VPI due date

  • Support sequence number leading zeros

  • Support new merge fields:

    • Alphabetical sequence number

    • Client name

    • Source type

  • Allow save Vendor User without country

  • Auto-detect timezone of Vendor User after signup

  • Add new Production type category: VPI

  • Show Vendor physical file ID in Gamma

  • Show product count on job screen

  • Optimize some update queries to Database

  • Elasticsearch: Using property assignedSampleCount instead of directReferenceSampleCount

  • Improve code base (infrastructure layer)

  • Add Physical File ID into Gamma

  • Improve loading of ES filter

  • Sprint 97 Feedback: Copy Edits / Typos

  • Update Outfit UI: Name and production type

  • Kelvin: Improve video player performance

  • Kelvin: Improve UI for long production type names

  • Hue: Reduce API call when enriching task information

  • Hue: Add response cache when getting image URL from API

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Gamma: Technical Support - Barcode on label is not centered

  • Fixed: Gamma: Project Images count is not correct

  • Fixed: Gamma: Technical Support - Editorial: Search User Field not Functioning on Deliverables Page

  • Fixed: Gamma: Project Images count is not correct

  • Fixed: Gamma: ED Project: Keep Deliverable Filtered when creating new Project

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Stuck video player after rewinding or playing and changing some options

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Cannot load video after going to next video and then back to previous

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Technical Support - Product location is different when they are scanned in Kelvin

  • Fixed: Hue: Technical Support - Tasks unassigned and reassigned in the middle of Internal Post

  • Fixed: API: Cannot search barcode after remove Product in an outfit

  • Fixed: API: Cannot hook from Pixelz

  • Fixed: API: Cannot reject to Pixelz

  • Fixed: API: Unable to update samples in bulk via the data source

  • Fixed: Editorial API: Check a lot of property value records in the Database

  • Fixed: Editorial API: Project Images count is not correct

  • Fixed: Editorial API: Cover file is changed when switching tabs in Hue

  • Fixed: Editorial API: Technical Support - Images Stuck at Asset Delivery

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