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January 11th – Sprint 93 Release Notes
January 11th – Sprint 93 Release Notes

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It's release day again! This time a shorter edition with fewer features. But don't worry, we have spent the time well on some really exciting stuff around containers and locations, which we expect to launch within February. Enjoy the read!

S3 IAM Role-based configuration

In addition to the existing key-based configuration, we have added role-based setup.

This can be easier to manage for your IT department. Role-based configuration can be used on both data sources and delivery options. You can find out more about how to set it up here.


  • Editorial Documents:

    • Icons for all trusted platforms.

    • View TXT and PDF files in the browser.

  • Add as trusted domain document (OneDrive)

  • Allow users to assign/unassign presets to deliverable until the fan-out step starts.

  • Print Label: Support the frontend to get data for printing.

  • Update logic when users create a workflow that has only a delivery step.

  • Reduce long request time on the Workflow & Asset API.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed: Unable to crop images in Photo Review

  • Fixed: Internal Post QC full screen "original" image preview sticking when +1 image in editorial deliverable.

  • Fixed: User unable to access presets despite having the correct permissions.

  • Fixed: Production view shows production type in “To Do” despite being disabled.

  • Fixed: Warning icon when Workfront project connected to editorial project.

  • Fixed: Variant not recognized after Post Production via

  • Fixed: Vendor email still add to user list if login via SSO.

  • Fixed: Rejection information is displayed incorrectly.

  • Fixed: Update product image from data source created duplicates.

  • Fixed: Error when pasting sample codes from data source.

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