We can enable your Workfront Projects to be synced into Creative Force. This article goes over how to enable the Connector, and sync it with your Workfront Projects.

Enabling the Connector

To enable the connector you need to go to Studio Settings, under Account Settings, and under the sub-menu of Integrations, select Connectors.

The connector can be found in the All section or on the Other tab. The Workfront Connector is a special integration, so if you do not see it available in your account, speak to your Customer Success Manager who can enable it for you.

When you hover over the Workfront Tab, you will be able to enable it and edit by clicking on the EDIT button.

Once done, you will be able to change a number of different settings.

In order to set up the integration, you will be able to input both your Workfront URL and Workfront Fusion API Key.

If you do not have access to creating an API Key, your System Admin of Workfront will be able to provide you with one.

Once you have entered that information, you will be able to validate it and then choose the name of the Workfront Task and E-comm Task name that populates in the Project.

Using the Connector

Once you have enabled the connector, you will be able to sync Creative Force Jobs to Workfront Projects.

In order to connect a job, go to the jobs page and find the appropriate job and click on VIEW in the top right corner.

On the left-hand side, you will then be able to connect the Job.

Clicking on the CONNECT PROJECT button allows you to then input the project URL.

After the connection is successful, Creative Force will then build and maintain a structure of tasks and subtasks in Workfront with information and status. As tasks are updated in Creative Force, progress is then tracked in Workfront.

We suggest that you do not create a task or sub-tasks within the task tree that is created by Creative Force when a job and project are linked. In the case that link is removed at a later date, Creative Force will remove the tasks it has created and any sub-tasks, whether they are automatically or manually made.

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