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January 30th – Sprint 145 Release Notes
January 30th – Sprint 145 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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Happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

Improved Menu Structure For Studio Settings

With today’s release, we have tidied up the menu structure of Studio Settings and optimized the layout to make better use of screen space.

In an effort to make our Settings pages more clear and easy to use, we’ve consolidated the Studio Settings into an improved menu structure. Have a look at the specifics below to see what’s changed.

Changes To The Structure Of Menu Items

The General Settings page is now called Studio Settings and all of its contents have been cleaned up and given clearer labels and a layout that’s easier for the eyes to browse.

The menu item Internal Post has been removed while the associated content have been placed under Studio Settings.

The menu item Connectors has been moved to Integrations and Production Types now has its own item on the menu.

Overhaul Of Production Types And Properties

Speaking of Production Types, we have also given these an entirely new page with more space, filters and a search field.

The menu item Properties remains in the same spot as before but has equally been given a more spacious layout, and a search field to help you more easily find your way around all of your production properties.

Other Improvements

Hue & Ink

  • The menu options for adding filters with dates have been improved for the Hue and Ink applications.


  • For Final Selection in Gamma with Pre-selection enabled - Selecting “Convert to resource” and “Mark for instruction” will now automatically select the particular image.

  • If Asset Delivery partially fails to deliver to the delivery location, the task will move to Failed status for easier identification.

  • The drag-and-drop functionality of Sessions on the Planning page has been optimized.

  • A new setting has been added for Auto Variants giving the option to "Ignore mask channels".

  • Loading related to the Apply Updates feature has been improved.

  • When sharing a Saved View in Gamma, it is now possible to search for Users and add Resource Users.

Bugs Fixed


  • An issue with tasks not closing correctly after using the Bulk Upload feature.


  • An issue with transfers being stuck in the middle of uploading.

  • An issue with user authentication causing an error in Transfer.


  • A glitch in the Marking feature where a white background would appear when viewing in HI-RES.

  • A glitch causing colored markings to appear on the image while dragging around a text element.

  • An issue with Cloudinary where Assets were not delivered to Cloudinary folder.

  • An issue with rejected External Post files not being transfered to folders on FTP.

  • An issue with HTML file containing rejection notes missing in FTP folder.

  • An issue in External Post QC showing an incorrect Rejected Version Number and images not being loaded fully.

  • An issue with Fanout in the External Gateway API when bypassing a position or a user bypassing an External Post step.

  • Fixed an error when duplicating a style guide to another client.

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