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October 10th – Sprint 137 Release Notes
October 10th – Sprint 137 Release Notes

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Happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

Following the big release of Planning two weeks ago, our main focus in this sprint has been to ensure that Creative Force still runs smoothly across all areas of our system.

Although there have been no major improvements in this sprint, we wanted to highlight a few minor ones that we think are worth mentioning.


  • We have updated the workflow settings for Photo Review in Ecomm to make them easier to understand.

  • We now support Box as an External Post Vendor type in Editorial.

  • The user interface for the Reuse Images feature has been improved to make it easier to navigate.

Bugs Fixed

  • Gamma: Fixed issue where Product Property Token was not being populated in Asset Delivery.

  • Gamma: Editorial Presets: Resolved a problem where the text fields were not editable.

  • Gamma: Reuse Images: Fixed an issue with images being stuck on the Photography step

  • Gamma: Editorial: Resolved issue when adding products to a deliverable leading to an Assign Product Failed error.

  • Hue: Resolved an issue where Hue did not open the next task automatically when the previous task was done.

  • Hue: Fixed a problem where the assigned tab showed an incorrect number compared to the Internal Post Kanban view.

  • Hue: Fixed an issue with the filter in Hue not showing all available Style Guides

  • Kelvin: Fixed issue with missing display images on the Shotlist in Kelvin.

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