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June 20th – Sprint 129 Release Notes
June 20th – Sprint 129 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

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June 20th – Sprint 129 Release Notes

Bi-weekly software updates

Happy reading on sprint release day! 🎉

Increase Productivity with Key Updates to the Bulk QC & Review Experience

First up, we have two updates to the overall QC experience:


  • Display QA warnings on the QC task image grid and Bulk QC image grid by placing the QA warnings/Property Alert icon on the image tiles.

  • We have aligned the thumbnail slider on the Bulk QC view with the size options available in the Assets View. With the expanded size options on the thumbnail slider, you can now scale up your images effortlessly for efficient bulk reviewing.


  • The first update is primarily designed for users who work with the QC of products, especially those who need to review a large number of assets quickly. By bringing out the QA warnings to the image tiles, these adjustments aim to save users time and effort in identifying assets with warnings, thereby improving their experience.

  • The second enhancement is dedicated to all the Bulk QC view enthusiasts out there. Now, you can enjoy a consistent and seamless experience across both views, with matching size options for effortless navigation and review of your images. Brace yourself for the enhanced clarity of your images, bringing your reviewing experience to a whole new level.

We also have an update to the Editorial review experience:


For the Editorial Post Review step, display the “Post” tab in the right side panel that we have for the QC steps.


This “Post” tab provides crucial information for reviewers to make informed decisions. By adding this tab to the Post Review step, users can now check file specs and Auto-QA results (when applicable), as well as past instructions and rejection reasons associated with the task assets.

Other Improvements

Additional actions now display in the Message Center:

  • Update Job from Data Source

  • Update Product from Data Source

  • Update Sample from Data Source

  • Move Product to Another Job

Additional events added to the Event Log:

  • Workunit: Bypass External Post

  • Workunit: Changing Post Vendor

  • Gamma: Post Review Task: User invited to review

  • Gamma: Post Review Task: User removed from invited list

  • Gamma: Post Review Task: User’s review function edited

  • Delta: Post Review Task: ‘Make Decision’ value selected

Additional property display updates:

  • Display Project Code when printing sample label associated with Editorial production task

  • Display Product Code in the External Post transfer error email notification

Bugs Fixed

  • GAMMA: Production screen: Error when editing team on set with the Digital Processing skill

  • GAMMA: When viewing products in a Job screen, issue with page display after deleting products

  • GAMMA: View Event Log action not displaying from menu in Style Guide screen

  • GAMMA: Issues displaying assets in Assets screen

  • GAMMA: Delay in generating thumbnail in External Post QC

  • GAMMA: Unable to click Continue on the Mark For Instructions page

  • GAMMA: Issue when using Shift + Click to multi-select several line items in datagrid

  • KELVIN: Refresh token issue

  • INK: Refresh token issue

  • HUE: Refresh token issue

  • HUE: Missing outfit details in UXP Panel

  • HUE: Unable to get HUE UXP plugin

  • DELTA: Images with Alpha channel are showing with white background unexpectedly

  • API: Issue with toggling auto-sync for synced jobs

  • API: Issue with user group after edited

  • API: Data Source error: file not found

  • API: Handle Pixelz webhook invalid (image ticket was deleted)

  • API: Delay in getting files from FTP Vendors

  • API: Network error when trying to download from Assets View

  • API: FTP connection not working

  • API: Batch of Products not returned from External Post

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