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Apply Style Guide and Workflow Updates to Individual Workunit (coming soon)
Apply Style Guide and Workflow Updates to Individual Workunit (coming soon)
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Applying Style Guide and Workflow updates to products is incredibly flexible where it can be done to individual work units and can be done at any step of the process.

With this feature, you will be able to:

  • Apply the updates on individual work units

  • Decide to which step you want to reset the work unit and apply the update from that step forward

  • Decide not to reset and the updates will be applied to future steps

Where to find this feature

On the Production and Products page

The Apply Updates (BETA) can be found in four places: the Actions menu, right-click contextual menu and under the three-dots buttons in the slide-in.

The Apply Updates dialog will look a bit different between the pages.

Production page

Products page

On the Style Guide page

You can find this under the drop-down menu of the Style Guide actions.

Within each Style Guide, after making a change, you will see the ‘Save & Apply’ button clickable.

How to use this feature

Throughout this article, I will be using product FSPR_02 as an example. This product has On Model as To do and Flats as In Progress.

Apply updates options

When applying updates on individual production types/ work units, you will have the ability to choose from four different options.

Let’s take product FSPR_02 as an example:




On Model

To Do



In Progress

Internal Post

  1. Do not apply updates

The updates will not be applied to the selected work units.

2. Apply updates without Resetting

If I want to change something in the workflow, to have Final Selection in Gamma instead of in Kelvin. Then the On Model will be updated because Final Selection has not taken place, but Flats will not be updated because Final Selection already happened.

If I want to change the asset naming tokens in the Style guide, then both On Model and Flats will be updated because Asset delivery has not taken place.

3. Apply updates & Reset to Photography

This is a complete reset and will remove all existing assets associated with that work unit.

4. Apply updates & Fine-tune Reset step

With this option, you will be able to choose to which step you would like to reset the work units. Here, you will also have the option to apply and with or without reset to all of the selected work units. And you can also filter the work units by different criteria.

In essence, if you make any changes to a step that already happened but decide to not reset the work unit to that step or a prior step, the updates will not be applied. If you make a change to a step that has not happened, then you can use Apply updates without resetting.


  • Updating inactive products is not supported

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