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As you already know, PSD is the usual choice as a working file type in Photoshop. A PSD file serves its purposes to saves all the layers, masks, channels, paths etc… But the issue that the retouchers often face is with the file size limitation.

When you are working with HUE and Photoshop, HUE will automatically download the input files and convert them to PSD. If your input file is more than 1 GB, then the PSD working file will easily exceed its limit of 2 GB without you editing anything to it.

That’s when the PSB comes in. A PSB is the same as a PSD, but supports larger files up to 300,000 pixels or 4 Exabytes.

And to save the retouchers from manually saving the working files to PSB, Creative Force allows you to set it up consistently within Gamma.

Go to Studio Settings -> Post production -> Internal Post. Here, you can choose the default working file types for your retouchers team as with PSD or PSB. Then click ‘Save’.

Please note that this settings is only available to users with Admin rights.


  • As soon as you click ‘Save’ the setting will be applied.

  • Prior to changing this setting, all downloaded tasks from HUE will not be affected. To apply the change, you can unpick the task and reassign it to the retoucher.

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