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Identical filename handling
Identical filename handling
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Within Creative Force, you have the ability to create various naming tokens to name your files accurately and automatically.

However, there might be a case where you don’t need to bother too much into the file naming that you will have a same name for multiple files.

This leads to an issue later on where your files are named differently when they reach the final delivery locations or the external post vendors.

Under your Studio settings, you can decide how to name these identical files differently.

After changing the settings, you can see the example filenames right away. You can then hit ‘Save’ to apply the new settings.


  • The rules will be applied after you save the settings.

  • To apply the settings to the products that have reached Asset delivery prior to the change, you will need to reset the products to the Asset delivery step.

  • This identical filenames handling will be seen upon External Post-production vendors and Asset delivery destinations. In Gamma, the filename will follow the asset naming in Style guide.

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