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November 16th – Bulk QC! Sprint 89 Release Notes
November 16th – Bulk QC! Sprint 89 Release Notes

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We are back with another exciting release!

Bulk QC

You can now QC all your picked tasks in a grid-style view, while still being able to mark for rejections and instructions. This has long been a hot feature requests, as a lot of you used to be working in Adobe Bridge before transitioning to Creative Force.

You can access the functionality when you have more than a single task picked in one of the QC Kanban boards. Where a small BULK QC button will show up above the doing column.

Fast Task Selection

We've made it a lot quicker to select tasks by adding a small menu in the top of the Kanban boards. Depending on the situation, you can use the following actions.

  • Your Tasks

  • All picked tasks

  • All non-picked tasks

  • A number of un-picked tasks (Number can be adjusted)

Vendor Portal: Auto-assign Alphabetically

With this update, it's now possible to upload a large amount of files, auto-map them to positions alphabetically, filling up the possible positions in the style guide and submitting the tasks from the kanban.

The result is that you can easily get a lot of images into the pipeline in a more or less accurate way, to then detail sort them in final selection.

More Product Info

We also added more product information on the tasks in the vendor portal, making it easier to know if you are mapping to the correct product.

Editorial Updates

  • Better information display in Kelvin for Editorial Project / Deliverable

  • Complete workflow reset.

  • Uncancel products in a deliverable.

  • Production view - Deliverable slide-in.

  • Deliverable slide-in: Document section.

  • Write metadata to in-clip & resource files when sending images to Ext. Post


  • API method, for triggering an update from data source on job level.

  • New webhook event on creating (import) a product.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Wrong Date/DateTime when backing up RAW files.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Thumbnail not showing after development from Capture One.

  • Fixed: Hue: Error when fanning out files with blank option.

  • Fixed: Hue: Assigned tasks does not match up to those in Gamma.

  • Fixed: API: Unable to enable “Clean-Up” function for some specific FTP servers.

  • Fixed: API: Product property not updated after saving successfully.

  • Fixed: API: Exception when validating date time type in CF Gateway.

  • Fixed: API: Products awaiting color ref despite existing color ref.

  • Fixed: Gamma: No save button after making a change on a preset

  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Missing fields in Editorial production view.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Sample listed on multiple jobs incorrectly.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Unable to Import jobs due to file name issue.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: “Assets” Tabs - Filter Issue

  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Cannot start workflow if it only has a delivery step.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Project list screen: Deliverable count number is incorrect.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Lost cover image when resetting task to the first step.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Editorial: Internal QC Task not appearing in the kanban board.

Questions, ideas, or feedback?

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