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May 4th – Academy! Sprint 75 Release Notes
May 4th – Academy! Sprint 75 Release Notes

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Introducing Creative Force Academy!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that our very own online learning platform, Creative Force Academy, is now live.

Creative Force Academy is our new online learning platform where Creative Force users can become certified masters in our suite of software and applications.

Guided by Creative Force product experts who offer decades of industry experience, our courses are designed for learners to master the functionality relevant for their role and understand how that functionality enables our concept of “Flow Production.”

Upon completing a certification, learners are awarded a downloadable certificate as proof of their accomplishment that can be added to their LinkedIn profiles.

Currently, Creative Force Academy offers certifications for photographers, retouchers, and sample managers with new certifications becoming available every few weeks.

Why We Chose E-Learning: Hassle-Free Training At Scale

When introducing a new software to an entire organization, training can pose a huge burden. Managers have to schedule training sessions, learners who missed sessions need to be chased, and there is no way to know if staff are really learning. And when you get new staff or the software is updated, you’re faced with organizing training all over again.

All of that is to say, training can be a real pain.

We wanted to completely remove the burden of training for our customers. Our goal was to find a way to harness the expertise of the Creative Force team and effectively transfer that knowledge to every Creative Force user at scale.

By digitizing the training experience, we’ve been able to deliver our customers exactly that.

New Features

  • Photography show VPI label for rejected task.

  • Support to show rejection info in all kanbans.


  • Cleanup code backward compatible for old Kelvin/Hue version.

  • Elastic Search: Optimize full sync performance.

  • Correct product cover after resetting.

  • Clean “QA warning override by user” on QC after reset.

  • Prevent stuck External Post & Asset Delivery task.

  • Prevent duplicate image because of timeout when pulling image from Vendor.

  • HUE: Autocorrect (restore/re-download) input files of a task.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Gamma: Support SFTP public/private key authentication.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Product shows the incorrect property values for boolean.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Multiple samples created with the same CF sample code.

  • Fixed: Gamma: Task was reset but displaying as rejected.

  • Fixed: Vendor Portal: Can not start task in vendor portal in some cases.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Select Latest Burst shortcut not working.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Change zoom level shortcut not working properly.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Backup of RAW files not depending on watch folder.

  • Fixed: Kelvin: Reversible copping: Apply cropping data from Capture One.

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