Our Capture One integration helps make your life easier, allowing you to connect Capture One directly to Kelvin!

How to connect with Capture One within Kelvin

In order to work with the Capture One integration, you will need version 2.10.0 or later of Kelvin on Mac, and version 13.1.0 or later of Capture One. Windows will be coming soon!

You can download the latest version of Kelvin from our website or by updating Kelvin directly within the App.


Once you are on the latest version of Kelvin you will notice a Capture One Logo in the centre-left of your Kelvin Instance at the top.

When you click on the icon it will prompt you to connect.

The first time that you connect to Capture One, your computer may ask for permission to link the two pieces of software. You can accept these changes.

Once connected, you will notice that the Capture One Logo in Kelvin will light up.

Adjusting Capture One settings within Kelvin

Once the connection is live, there are a number of very useful settings that you can take advantage of to better link Creative Force and Kelvin.

To Access the Capture One settings within Kelvin, you can either do this by clicking on the three-dot menu in the bottom left of Kelvin and navigate to the Capture One tab, or you can click on the Capture One Icon from the main screen, then the settings wheel.

From there you will be able to see all of the Capture One Settings that you can manage directly from within your Kelvin instance.

There are three main Capture One settings that you can manage directly within Kelvin: Next Capture Naming. Reversible Cropping and Backup Assistant.

The Next Capture Naming setting manages the same setting within Capture One. Allowing you to control the naming output fro Capture One itself.

(Setting within Capture One)

The added benefit of doing this within Creative Force is that you can input CF property fields better manage naming and data consistency.

The reversible cropping feature is a neat setting that allows you to retroactively restore images that previously have been cropped or rotated in Capture One.

In order for this to function you need to have ignore crop enabled in Capture One, and working in a session as opposed to a catalogue.

The final setting that you can enable is the Back-Up Assistant, which allows Kelvin to help manage the backup process of images. You can define the folder structure that will be applied.

As a last point, there will be times that the photographer and model are ready to get cracking with the shoot, prior to the product being scanned into Kelvin. In these cases, the images will have a file name of "Unknown Scope" + whatever format counter you have defined. We will alert you that this is taking place so that you can catch up.

When an Unknown Scrope file is being backed up, it will be back up with the next product, so that nothing falls between two chairs.

As ever, if you have any questions at all do please reach out to us via chat or by emailing support@creativeforce.io

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