The vendor portal will allow you to bring in existing imagery from your vendors to use and manage through Creative Force.

Creating a new Vendor

When you go to your Studio settings, you can access your vendors by going to the PRODUCT VENDOR tab. From there you can add a new vendor manually by clicking on ADD. Alternatively, you can also import your vendors via the IMPORT button.

Once you have created your vendor it will appear in the PRODUCT VENDOR tab where you can then click on EDIT in order to edit the details of that vendor.

When you click on EDIT you are then presented with the option to change the name of the Vendor, whether it is Enabled (Live), and the Image Request Level. With the image request level, you can define it to be by Pre-selection.

Within the USERS tab, you can add additional users for a specific vendor.

Creating a new Vendor Job

In order to create a new image request for one of your vendors, you will need to change the source of a particular product, or group of products.

In order to do this, you need to go to the PRODUCTION tab in the lab's area of Gamma.

From there you will be able to select one or multiple products and change the source of the product(s).

Once you have selected Change Source you will then be able to change the source to Product Vendor, and define which Vendor should be able to upload images for this product.

Vendor Portal Overview (Vendor Perspective)

Once a Vendor Portal has been created, and your vendors invited to participate, they will be able to log in and action jobs that you have created for them.

Users will have the option to either select one job and upload images via the START button or do multiple jobs at once via the UPLOAD button.

Users can also learn more about the image requirements for a specific job by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand-side of a job.

Once you click on start you will be able to view the appropriate Style for that product image request and then upload your own images.

Once you have uploaded the images you will be able to click on the SUBMIT IMAGES button to continue on to the next task.

You can get an overview of what stage jobs are in the Kanban view on the main page.

If you have a large number of images that you have available, you can assign them in bulk to their respective products. You can do this via the blue bubble at the top of the page.

When you click on this, you will first be prompted to upload the images. Once done you can then choose via OPTIONS to upload more images or delete the uploaded images. Alternatively, you can assign the uploaded images to products via MAP FILES NOW.

When you click through to assign the images there will be a number of steps that will take place. Firstly, Creative Force will analyze the data in order to see if there is any appropriate data or name convention that can be used.

Once done, we will ask if we should try to auto-assign the uploaded images to products based on one of two parameters. Either, based on the product's input name (Look for material number in file name) or via the output naming convention (Look for asset output name in file name).


  • With the 1st option, you will need to put the material code under product property 'Vendor material code' correctly, in order for this to work.

  • With the 3rd option, Creative Force will not read the following merge fields in the asset output name: “Recurrence Index”, “Date”, “Datetime”, “Position Sequence Number”, “Production Sequence Number” and “Sequence Number”. Sample code should not be used in this instance as Creative Force only assigns the sample code to a product once the Photography step is done. As using the vendor portal is an alternative option to in-house Photography, Creative Force cannot verify the sample code at this step.

If automapping is possible you will then see the suggested mapping and can turn off any by unticking a checkbox.

Alternatively, if the auto mapping is not possible you will be notified accordingly and can click on CONTINUE to manually map the images to the products.

Once within manual mapping, you can then select from the images that you have uploaded and map them to the respective products by hovering over the Product with your mouse.

Once you have mapped all the images you can click CONTINUE and the images will be mapped to the products that you had selected and you are done!

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