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November 5th - Sprint 36 Release Notes ๐Ÿš€
November 5th - Sprint 36 Release Notes ๐Ÿš€

Bi-weekly software updates

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Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹

We have launched some great updates to Creative Force and are happy to share the release notes with you!ย 

Happy reading!
Cheers Matthias and the product team


Insights (BETA)

Over the last couple of sprints, we have been working on the launch of another key component for Creative Force and are very pleased to introduce the first version of Insights today.
As with Assets, we have decided to launch Insight as a BETA release to make its valuable features available as soon as possible - again as a BETA please be aware there may be a few bumps. We will continue to add more reports within the next few sprints.

The first two dashboards provide visibility on productivity at either an asset or product level. The reports detail:

  • Throughput

  • Throughput by production type

  • On-Time Completion Rate

All results can be filtered by multiple parameters such as date range, client, user etc. In addition to being able to view the dashboards, the user can also download, send or schedule a regular delivery.ย 

The dashboards are also interactive, allowing the user to click on a particular result and drill down into the data.

Support ZEBRA network printers

We now support ZEBRA network printers. This enables direct printing which is faster for the user during check-in and offers better Mac support. Get in touch with your account manager to hear more.

Additional features and functionality ย 

Product complete - When a product is completed, we will highlight it with a green background in the job list. This is applied in the views "By Product", "By Production Type" and "By Outfit".

Missing images from external post-production - When the number of images returned from external post-production are lower than the number of images sent, the system will alert the user in the Job list. ย This is applied in the view "By Production Type".

Print contact sheets
- The user is now able to print the generated contact sheet via Asset HUB.

Additional Filters - We've also added further options to the filter in Asset HUB for:

  • Users

  • Job Properties

  • Outfit Properties

  • Product properties

Visual indication in Post QCย 

We have added a visual Indication for products that:ย 

  • have been rejected last time it was in QC.

  • went through multiple rejections.

  • have markings.

  • have instructions.

โ€‹Hotkey for continue
The user can now hit Cmd + Enter (Mac) or Ctrl + Enter (Windows) to continue in the final selection and Post QC screens.

Autosave for instruction and reject comments
Comments in the open text field are now automatically saved when hitting the continue button.

Support of Pixelz sub-templates
We now support the mapping of Pixelz sub-templates for preset variants. The user is also alerted at the job import when a product is associated with a style guide that has an incorrect or missing template mapping.

KELVIN (Version 1.16.0)

Additional Hotkeys
We have added further hotkeys to Kelvin:

  • 'CMD' + 'D' or 'Ctrl' + 'D' to create an outfit

  • 'CMD' + 'E' or 'Ctrl' + 'E' ย to edit an outfit

HUE (Version 1.11.0)

Cleanup working folder
We've added an automatic clean up of 'old' files in the HUEs working folder.
The user can define in settings how long files will be kept.

Questions, ideas or feedback?

We're striving to create the best product for you and your team! Feel free to drop us a line via email/chat or submit your ideas and feedback directly to our product team via

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